Monday, January 9, 2017

Crafty Sunday

Sunday's service was very eye opening.  My husband John and I had a nice shopping day after church, then we came home and fixed a few things at the house.  John decided to go on a bike ride.  As he says, just a short one...40 miles! 😳  While John was gone, I decided to finish up my cards.  I made three similar cards for my Wine and Dine girls, so they could start off their 2017, crafting! ☺️ I included a special little something for each of them.  I do miss my crafty girls, so much! 😔  I also made my Mami a card for her 85th Birthday! ❤️  I was so saddened that I could not be there, as I always set something up for her birthday, but my family did a great job in hosting a celebration for her at Mr. An's in Tucson. 🤗

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  1. Nice cards lady. Hope your mami had a very blessed birthday.