Saturday, November 12, 2016

THIS JUST BLOWS!!! :'( Kharmyn - 0, Sidewalk - 1

Plans, plans and planning!  These were all planned to go awry! I had plans to finish some cards and send out some RAK packs to people, (as I received some wonderful cut outs from a friend in NV - see pic)...I had plans to vacuum and dust the entire house...I had plans to delight my husband with wonderful near gourmet meals, and BOOM!  It rains in Dallas and I slip and fall, fracturing my patella (knee cap)!  WTH!?!?!  Oh Lord what next?  Did He need to slow me down to spend more time with Him?  Probably, because that is what I have been doing!  :) These next couple of weeks will seem long, but a leg brace for two weeks is better than surgery and six weeks of recovery! (See what I just did there?  I bought the blessing! ☺️  Besides, my hubby is waiting on me, hand and knee!  LOL! )

God has shown me the silver lining, the blessing in all of this, as you will...He said to me that my fracture is linear, which does not require surgery, just some time in a leg brace.  Well thank you Lord, I see it!  Count your blessings no matter how small!  Seek out that silver lining!  It is not you talking yourself into accepting it, it is God telling you to trust Him!  He's got this!

So, as you see, no plans are perfect, except His, and if He has to derail you to get you to slow down, then so be it!

You all have a blessed Saturday, yes, it's Saturday, November 12, 2016!  Enjoy it! ☺️💕  LIFE IS GOOD!  GOD IS GOOD! ❤️

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Not Just Crafting...

So, besides crafting while not working, I have been cooking and baking!  My new stove must be of a better quality, as I was able to make tortillas! 😁

Of course, the best part of it is the first one, hot off the comal (cast iron griddle)! 👍🏽,

Have a great start to your November, and remember to say RABBIT! RABBIT! at the beginning of each new month (so my cousins advised me!  LOL! )