Saturday, October 29, 2016

Settling in to Dallas life!

Good Saturday to you all! 

 I recently relocated to Dallas, TX via Nevada, via Arizona, where my bestie is located, Ms. Mary Joyce "MJ," who I miss very much!  She was my muse, but now we are sharing via text or e-mails! :)

I just recently tried to put my craft room together.  I really need to make more cards with all the time on my hands!   We relocated due to my husband's job, but I am not working outside the home, but working to get our home together.  It is a tough job, and if I did not have my BFF MJ by my side, a lot of the work would not have been accomplished.  You see, MJ helped me pack and move from Arizona to Nevada, and as fate would have it, she planned a visit to Nevada, and we got hit with a transfer for my hubby.  Needless to say, her vacation with me turned into a "helping me pack" visit!  Of course she did it all without a complaint!  Who else has a BFF like that?!  So thank you my friend, you are near and dear to me even when we are apart!  

Thank you to my followers, as we can keep in contact since SOC is on its way out! ❤️

Friday, October 14, 2016

My First Post as Crafty Latina KC!

Hello All!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  Since the site, Scraps of Color nka Embrace Your Art is shutting down, some of the followers decided to share blogs so that we can stay in touch!  Thank for this excellent idea Shirley as now we can follow each other and keep in touch!

I hope to share my crafty goodness on this blog, and hopefully I will keep it up once we are all settled in our new home in Lewisville, TX!

Thanks again and hope you visit soon!


p.s. Here are a couple of cards I made while cooped up in the hotel! 😊