Tuesday, December 13, 2016

UPDATED: Creating More Cards...


UPDATE:  Since my BFF Mary received her card today, it is joining this Blog Post! ☺️  She loves animal print, and since she gifted me with some card making essentials, I used them...on her card! 😁 LOL!

I have somehow mustered up energy to create some cards! 😄  One I can't post until she gets it! 😉  These little simple ones I'll post right here!  I have some silly videos of my husband, who keeps me entertained!  I don't know if I can't post those, but I'll try! ☺️  Nonetheless, the group one are ones I made for a friend in Minnesota.  She couldn't find cards for her sisters, and a couple of other people, so I made her some specialized cards.  She loved them, so I guess I will too! The moon is for my "little" brother Javier.  I always forget his birthday because it is so close to Christmas!

I hope you all are having a great start to your holidays!  I am working slowly, but surely!  LOL!

Have a Blessed Day! 😘

❤️ KC

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A New Side Kick & Some Card Making...& Cookies!

So today I was able to get the LAST Side Kick at JoAnne's in Denton, TX, for $39.99!  I called all the stores close to me, and they were all out! The Denton store said they had one, but they were holding it for a customer.  I called them back and asked to be put on a list should the customer not pick it up.  I said a few prayers and within five minutes I get a call! The Side Kick never had a name on it, and if I wanted it, it was mine!  Thank you Lord! 😊

I even sent them cookies for holding it for me!  LOL!   It was the least I could do!  Nonetheless, I was able to use it today, as I finished making cards.  I am a happy crafter!

Here are some pics.  Enjoy your Tuesday! Happy Crafting!! ❤️


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy Thursday All!

Today I plan to make more cards and be creative in some fashion, as the TV is a huge distraction!  LOL!

I made one card yesterday, very simple.  I need to make a few cards for a friend, and hopefully send them out by Saturday.

I have also been busy baking, as I love to bake! ☺️  My husband's employees love me!  LOL!

I hope you are all crafting away!  Have a great time doing everything!